XS Golf Varsity Team Brings Home the Championship

by Mr. Jesse Ang, Parent, XSGV
The Champions receiving their trophy from JGFP Executive Director Bobbet Bruce at the recently concluded 2016 JGFP Inter-school Golf tournament at the Luisita Golf and Country Club.


The Xavier School Golf Varsity (XSGV) Aspirants 1 Team 1 capped a successful 2016 Junior Golf Foundation of the Philippines (JGFP) Inter-school season with a first place finish.

The tournament consisted of 4 gruelling 18-hole rounds played in four different golf courses over six weeks from August 28 to October 9, 2016 and was participated in by seven teams from different grade schools in Metro Manila.

The XSGV Aspirants 1 Team 1 finished with a best four game aggregate score of 450, edging its nearest rival, Ateneo de Manila University Team 1 by 56 points. In addition, Jet Ang (G6-A) placed 3rd in the individual competition.

The XSGV Aspirants 1 Team 1 is composed of

  1. Rico See(G6-H)
  2. Emilio Carpio (G6-F)
  3. Jacob Chua (G6-A)
  4. Jet Ang(G6-A)
  5. Sean Young (G6-C)

Much of the success of the XSGV Aspirants 1 Team 1 can be attributed to the parents of the two Xavier teams in the Aspirants 1 Division as well as the invaluable guidance from XSGV Coordinator Aldrick Diaz. Significant time and effort was spent bringing the children and spending at least 5 hours on the various golf courses over four Sundays. Nonetheless, it was fun for the parents to get to know each other, make new friends and share experiences.

The other notable performances by the XSGV Teams are the 2nd Runner-Up Finish by the Aspirants 2 Team 1 and the 2nd Runner-Up Finish of Juniors 1 Team 1.

XSGV Aspirants 2 Team 1 is composed of

  1. Sebastian Arenas (G4-I)
  2. Joaquin Arenas (G4-B)
  3. Jude De Leon (G3-H)
  4. Dylan Recto (G4-I)

Members of the XSGV Juniors 1 Team 1 are

  1. Kendrick Diaz (G12-G)
  2. Nathan Kawpeng (G11-A)
  3. Matthew Dybuncio (G11-G)
  4. Vince Ngo (G10-H)
  5. Perry Bucay (G9-H)

Indeed, it has been another exemplary accomplishment by the XSGV Teams this 2016 Inter-school season following similar success last 2015. We hope that these achievements serve as a foundation for future competitive XSGV teams in the Aspirants and Junior Divisions.

Congratulations and Luceat Lux!

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