Xaverian Part of the Top 12 Outstanding Chinese-Filipino Students

Last January 14, 2017, the Ai Xin Educational Foundation conducted the 24th annual search for the Outstanding Chinese-Filipino Student Award. The names were released at 5:00pm that day. The following are the awardees:

Rosaline Joy S. Wang ( 王吟思) of Uno High School
Kent Louie Y. Wong (王萬益) of St. Stephen’s High School
Sanielle Meliz Ong (王瑩楹) of St. John Institute in Bacolod
Jinger S. Chong (李尚祝) of St. Jude Catholic School
Gerrick Spencer C. Limsiy (林文昱) of Grace Christian College
Sandy J. Wu (施怡怡) of Philippine Cultural College Main
David Samuel V. Ang (洪德威) of Hope Christian High School
Sedrick Scott S. Keh (陈金鑫) of Xavier School
Eva Sonia Paredes (陈愈翊) of (Davao 龍華)
Trisha T. Huang (黃诗蓉) of Chiang Kai Shek College
Vicente Rafael Chan (曾煥海) of Zamboanga Chong Hua High School
Kimberlee S. Say (刘錦莉) of Philippine Tong Ho Institute in Lucena City

The initial list of 33 representatives from different Filipino-Chinese schools nationwide were asked to go to Fortune Hotel in Binondo, Manila. The contest commenced at 9:00 that morning. The students underwent a 50-minute written examination followed by one-on-one interviews. The interviewers/judges were the following: 颜長江  黄美真  張為舜.

After the serious rigorous screenings and a review of the submitted requirements, including their academic grades, resumes, and good character certifications, the judges came up with a final list of 8 students from NCR and 4 students from provincial schools. Rosaline Joy Wang will represent all the awardees in giving an acceptance speech.

The awarding ceremony of the Outstanding Students will be held on 11 February 2017, Saturday, 9:30am again at the Fortune Hotel in Binondo, Manila. Each awardee will be receiving P24,000 in cash, a trophy, a medal, a certificate and other prizes. The rest of the participants will be receiving P3,000 in cash.

Congratulations, Sedrick! Luceat lux!

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