Odyssey and Coalesce – The Xavier School Fair and Variety Show

This February 4 and 5, Xavier School San Juan will have its annual school fair. This year’s fair is entitled, “Odyssey.” The theme of the fair is journeys and adventures. Come and enjoy various game booths and attractions run by the students from Grade 8 to 12. To add to the excitement, we also have catching and marriage booths. We have various events and musical performances. Finally, we will also have rides, like the caterpillar and ferris wheel at the football field.

The school fair runs from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. You may enter through either Gate Gate 9 and exit through Gate 8 or Gate 9. An entrance ticket costs P50 and is good for both days. To avail of the game booths and attractions, you will need to exchange money for chits. It’s P100 for 100 chits.

You are also invited to the annual variety show on Feb. 4, entitled COALESCE: Every Voice Matters”, from 4:30 PM to 11:00 PM at the Sports Center. The concert promotes acceptance and the involvement of each and every person within the society. It will feature performances by The Ransom Collective, Oh, Flamingo!, Junior New System, and many other amateur and professional performers. Highlights of the show include a performance from our very own Singing Ensemble and the much anticipated Fashion Show.  Entrance to the show is at Gate 4. Variety show tickets cost P350 each.

Just a reminder, Xavier School San Juan will be enforcing a dress code.

  • NO abusive or offensive language on shirts or accessories.
  • For ladies:  NO revealing and see-through clothing. Clothing is deemed revealing if it does not cover the following: shoulders, chest, midriff, back, thigh.

We hope you and your family and friends will join us in this grand adventure celebrating 60 years of Xavier School. May the school fair strengthen our community and passion to let our light shine!

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