For Lent: Lessen your Carbon Footprint

by Ms. Allyn Chua-Go Tian, Xavier School’s Environmental Advocate

Make this year’s Lent more meaningful and relevant by following  the “Lenten Carbon Fast Calendar”, a 40-day Lenten calendar from the website of Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart, that will make you take part in Pope Francis’s invitation to preserve, love and care for God’s creation through daily acts of reducing your carbon footprint.

Carbon footprint is defined as the total amount of greenhouse gases, specifically carbon dioxide (CO₂), produced to directly or indirectly support human activities.  

  • When we drive or commute, the car engine burns fuel and produces CO₂.  
  • When we use electricity, the generation of electrical power also emits a certain amount of CO₂.  
  • When we buy food and goods, the production and transport of these also released some quantities of CO₂.

Starting this Lent, be concerned with the environment and reduce your contribution to global warming by lessening your carbon footprint and reducing global warming.  “Give up” some conveniences and engage in the suggested activities to help you strengthen your relationship with others and Mother Earth and develop more sustainable and environmentally friendly habits.

To view the calendar, click the link below:

Lenten Carbon Fast Calendar 2017


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