#Footsteps: Seventh Station: Simon of Cyrene Carries the Cross of Jesus

Ms. Conchita Olivares, HS LRC Chairperson

We adore you O Christ, and we praise you,
because by your Holy Cross you have redeemed the world

As they led him away, they seized a man, Simon of Cyrene, who was coming from the country, and they laid the cross on him, and made him carry it behind Jesus. (Luke 23:26)

At this point, the soldiers were very impatient because it took longer than they expected. They were afraid that Jesus would not make it to the hill where they wanted him to be crucified. When they saw that Jesus grew weaker, they compelled a man from the crowd and made him help carry Jesus’ cross. In the end, Simon became the object of admiration and even envy for the special privilege of having comforted Jesus in his sufferings.

Like Simon, we travel through life unprepared and reluctant to face the adversities along the way. Sometimes, unfortunate circumstances come along but we accept them knowing that God is with us, helping us. Having enough problems of our own, we dare not touch or meddle in other people’s lives. We feel uncomfortable helping other people for fear of being judged. Sometimes, we are adamant because we are too busy with our lives that we have no time for others. We always find contentment in our own comfort zones.

However, Jesus instructed us to love one another for we are brothers and sisters. He taught us to go beyond ourselves and be grateful every time we are given the opportunity to help one another. And because Jesus loves us, He bore our crosses thereby enabling us to assist Him in carrying the crosses of our brothers and sisters.

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