#Footsteps: Sixth Station: Jesus Falls Under the Weight of the Cross

Katrina Joi Tomo, Grade 1 CLE Teacher

We adore you O Christ, and we praise you,
because by your Holy Cross you have redeemed the world

I hugged my knees as I blew softly on my throbbing wounds. I felt foolish for being a full grown adult and not being able to run without tripping and falling. I silently cursed myself. I had to keep it low-key, after all, I was only being watched by hundreds of people during our sports fest at work. I didn’t know which hurt more: the physical pain from actual falling or the emotional pain caused by humiliation and self-disappointment.

You probably felt both but with incomparable degrees, Lord Jesus; when you fell a couple of times under the weight of the cross. You were once the master of your followers whom they looked up to; now, you are falsely accused and forcefully put to death. You didn’t deserve it, Lord. You’ve been through so much and still you wanted to finish what you’ve started. With draining strength from your wounds, and in the midst of people’s taunts and jeers, you gathered your strength to pick up and continue walking; all because you loved us.

I’m sorry Lord for the many times I take your sacrifice for granted; for every wrong I deliberately commit, and for the times I turn away from you and do things my way which eventually causes me to fall too. Grant me the strength to pick up and continue walking, O Lord.

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