Realizing the Vision of Making Education Work for the 21st Century

Perspective of the Workshop Building

In 1994, ERDA Technical and Vocational Secondary School (ERDA Tech) was opened in Manila to educate and train economically disadvantaged Filipino youth. Its objective, then, is to produce high school graduates for immediate employment as skilled workers. It was founded by French Jesuit missionary, Fr. Pierre Tritz, SJ, who pioneered a 5-year high school program focusing on technical and vocational education, long before the idea of a senior high school in our country was even conceptualized. An important component of the program is the in-plant training where students are immersed in real work hosted by company partners. This scheme allows them to find gainful employment opportunities before graduation, if they opt not to pursue a college degree.

In 2009, ERDA Tech was adopted by Xavier School and has since then benefited from the guidance and support of the Xavier community. On the occasion of Fr. Tritz’s 100th birthday and in honor of his outstanding contributions, the Board of Trustees of ERDA Tech renamed the school to the “Fr. Pierre Tritz Institute – ERDA Tech” (FPTI-ET).

For two decades, ERDA Tech’s mission of “Battling Poverty through Education” faced challenges that tested the school’s relevance in today’s evolving world. Shifts and reforms in the country’s educational system drove its transformation to cater education exclusively for ‘poor but deserving’ students. This coming School Year 2017-2018, FPTI-ET marks an important milestone as it becomes a Jesuit-run, stand-alone Technical Vocational Senior High School.

The K-12 reform of the Philippine educational system in 2012 has changed the educational landscape, providing the impetus for ERDA Tech to do some serious soul-searching and to re-imagine itself, envisioning a “new” school that can stay relevant to the changing times and yet still be true to the original vision of its founder.

Perspective of the FPTI-ERDA Tech Main Building

This begins with the shift from a 5-year secondary program to a highly specialized 3-year Technical-Vocational Senior High School. Students will specialize not just in one skill, but in several, bundled in one course. Focus is on high-level competencies in emerging fields (such as industrial automation technology, rather than sunset industries) and job skills required by growth industries that will continue to fuel the country’s economy for years to come. Skills development is grounded in a firm foundation of Ignatian Spirituality and a strong work ethic.

This new vision brings ERDA Tech and its mission to “Make Education Work for the 21st Century” closer to the goal of Fr. Tritz to ‘educate the impoverished Filipino youth as a gateway to a brighter future.”  

To achieve all these, the school intends to move out of its current leased facility in Pandacan, Manila and move to a new and sprawling 5-hectare campus in Tanauan, Batangas, close to the First Philippine Industrial Park (FPIP). This new location, on land donated by the Lopez Group for use under a usufruct agreement, will bring our students near the FPIP locators who will provide invaluable in-plant training opportunities to our students, and eventually full-time jobs for our graduates.

Perspective of the FPTI-ERDA Tech Dormitory Building

Perspective of the FPTI-ERDA Tech Dormitory Building

The proposed campus will house 3 buildings – the main building, the workshop building, and the residence hall. These facilities will eventually provide better learning conditions and stronger formation programs for students.  

Below is the list of available facilities of the  FPTI-ERDA Tech, Batangas campus:

1 Anchor Donor 80M
1 Student Activities Room 2M
1 Parlor 1M
1 Chaplain’s Office 1M
1 Technical Drawing Room 2M
1 Development Office 350K
1 Industry Linkage Room 350K
1 Parent-Teacher Conference Room 350K
2 Testing Rooms  350K
1 Tech-Voc Education Learning Resource Center 2M
1 Tech-Voc Faculty Room 1M
1 Anchor Donor  60M
30 Dormitory Rooms 1M
7 Prefects’ Rooms 500K
1 Lobby 4M
1 2/F Wing 5M
1 3/F Wing 5M
1 Facilities Management Bldg.  15M

For donation and pledges, kindly contact Xavier School’s Development and Alumni Relations Office at (02) 723-0481 local 428 or 0918-992-8437 or email

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