The Holy Spirit reminds us to choose the way of love

Photos by Mr. Luke Santos (HS Soc Sci) and Mr. Mark Esquibel (IT/NExT)

This homily was delivered last 9 June 2017 by School President Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, SJ during the Mass of the Holy Spirit at Xavier School Nuvali.

How many of you here watched Wonder Woman?  When I was growing up, Wonder Woman was an interesting TV show and she seemed like a female version of the macho male superheroes. Superhero movies have also tended to focus on the men like Batman and Superman, but this year, for the first time, there is a full-length film about a female hero who is not afraid to show her feminine side.

The action packed movie focuses a lot on what Diana does to save the human world, and her sometimes funny ways of learning about the world of ordinary men and women like you and me.  What I found very interesting, however, is how Diana became who she was by growing up on the island of Themyscira and training to be an Amazonian warrior. Ares, the god of war, had poisoned the souls of men with malice, making them hate each other and desire war all the time. Ares killed every god except Zeus, so Zeus gives the Amazons a weapon that would help them attack Ares if he ever comes back. Later, Diana decides to fight the war of the humans because she is convinced that Ares is behind it.

Diana is aware that evil exists, that people can have dark or malicious intentions. She says that she used to want to save the world, but the closer she got, the more she saw the great darkness within the world.

Still, she tries to counter evil with good by using the weapon left by Zeus to help humans fight during World War I. When she was told that humans are not worth saving because they are all selfish, so ready to go to war to serve their egos, she responds by saying that only love can truly change the world.

At the core of Wonder Woman’s story is the question of good and evil. Are people basically good and worth saving, or are they basically selfish and worth destroying instead? Recently we have had a lot of disturbing news like the attack in Marawi, the attack at Resorts World, and around the world, attacks in the US and the UK.  We know that there are people capable of doing great evil.

And yet we also know that there are many people ready to sacrifice themselves in order to protect others. Think of our brave soldiers who died defending Marawi from the terrorists, or the ordinary people present at the attacks who courageously took care of the wounded.

There is in all of us a voice that urges us to choose and do what is good, to learn and put our learning at the service of the community. That voice is the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is there to remind us that yes, there is evil and we do have selfish desires, but we are not bound by them. We can always choose the way of love. We can always choose the way of truth. That is why Wonder Woman can say that only love can truly save the world.

As we begin a new school year, we ask the Holy Spirit to be our guide. Let us remember how to be quiet, and to listen, so that we can always choose to do what is right and good; so that we can open our minds and hearts to the knowledge and wisdom that await us.

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