WELCOME XUE DI: A Welcoming of Brothers

by Joshua Gatchalian (G11B), Xavier Stallion Writer
Photos by Mathew Chan and Kobe Diaz, Xavier School Media Team

Last June 30, Xavier School held its annual Welcome Xue Di (你好学弟) event, an interaction between the Grade 7 shotis and Grade 11 ahias, in the High School Gym and Senior High classrooms. The event, comprised of mentoring groups from both year levels, enriched the bond between the two parties through the multiple activities planned by the Welcome Xue Di Committee. The interaction aimed to foster meaningful relationships between the two batches while welcoming the Grade 7 batch into Junior High School.

The event kicked off in the High School gym with opening remarks from the Grade 11 Batch Representative, Miguel Alcuaz. The shotis and ahias then participated in a segment of “Are You Smarter than a Seventh Grader,” an icebreaker where they asked a series of trivia questions about each other.

The afternoon set of activities began in the classrooms with the mentoring groups creating banners, playing charades, and focusing on the future interactions the Grade 7 students would have. Welcome Xue Di continued with a sportsfest, where students played Quidditch, Patintero, Dodgeball, and went through an Obstacle course in the gym. Afterwards, the musical duo, Paper Planes, and dance troupe, Dance X, delivered enthusiastic performances, which were then followed by closing remarks from the Grade 7 Batch Representative, Andre Tan. As the program came to a close, the Grade 7 and 11 students exchanged their goodbyes.

The Welcome Xue Di program was a resounding success as it formed lasting bonds between the Grade 7 and 11 batches. We wish the best of luck to both batches as they embark on this new school year! Luceat Lux!

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