Dinner with the Jesuits

A dinner with the Xavier community Jesuits initiated by the new officers of the Alumni Association of Xavier School (AAXS) was held last July 24, 2017. A mass was celebrated in Mary The Queen Parish to formally start the gathering. It was officiated by Fr. Joaquin “Boom” Martinez, SJ, a visiting Jesuit of California Province, USA and the International Education Coordinator of the Jesuit Refugee Service – USA.

Present at the feast was Fr. Joseph Ly, SJ, oldest Jesuit priest in the Philippines, who also taught Mathematics in Xavier. Along with him were Xavier School President Fr. Aristotle Dy, SJ, School Chaplain Fr. Art Borja, Campus Minister Fr. Xavier Olin, SJ and the Xavier-ICA-MTQ Jesuit priests, Fr. Guy Guibelondo, SJ, Fr. Manny Flores, SJ, Fr. Makairog Reyes, SJ and Fr, Candido Lim, SJ. Recently ordained Fr. Ro Atilano, SJ and Fr. Eli Lumbo, SJ were also there to celebrate, they both serve in the Jesuit Prison Service in the National Bilibid Prison.

Fr. Joseph and Fr. Art enjoying the occasion.

The gathering of the alumni with the Jesuits aims to rejuvenate the spirituality of the school’s alumni by conducting new spiritual development programs. The Spiritual Formation and Fellowship Committee is AAXS’s newly formed sub-group organized to create, increase, nurture and sustain the Spiritual awareness, formation and development of Xavier School alumni.

Present among the AAXS Officers were AAXS President Mr. Reginald Yu (XS’84), Spiritual Formation and Fellowship Committee Chair Everson Go Tian (XS’83), AAXS Vice-President Mr. Edgar Gatchalian, AAXS Treasurer Mr. Frederick Tiu (XS’79), and AAXS Board Members Mr. Jon Kevin Sy (XS’90), Jonathan Dy (XS’86), Mr. Jonathan Richie Yap (XS’94), and Mr. Juan Miguel Pacifico David (XS’95).

Mr. Dobbin Tan (XS’81), Treasurer of Xavier School and Head of the Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO) together with DARO Coordinator Mrs. Allyn Go Tian also participated in the gathering.

Alumni with Fr Ari Dy, SJ (XS’89) and Fr. Xave Olin, SJ.

AAXS Officers with Mr Dobbin Tan (XS’81), Treasurer of Xavier School and Head of the Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO).

Fr. Candi Lim, SJ and Fr. Makairog Reyes, SJ with AAXS Treasurer Mr. Fred Tiu (XS’79) and alumnus Mr. Albert Yu (XS’73).

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