XS Badminton Bags PAYA Aspirants Title

The Xavier School Aspirants Badminton Team bagged the championship in the Philippine Athletic Youth Association (PAYA) Aspirants Badminton Tournament held at the Xavier Badminton Courts last 05 August 2017. The Xavier team was pitted against powerhouses Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle – Zobel, and La Salle Greenhils (Runner-Up). Having only the Juniors and Midgets Divisions prior to this year, this is the maiden Aspirants tournament (Born 2002) organized by PAYA.

Coached by Jaime Llanes, the members of the team are:

Nathan Rylie Chua – G7F
Earl Nathan Santos – G8H
Miguel Ignacio Busuego – G10I
Nathan Saunders Ong – G10H
Joaquin Benjamin Ruiz – G10F

Congratulations to Xavier School Aspirants Badminton Team!

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