XS Nuvali high school students launch online paper

Several Xavier School Nuvali junior high school students, under the mentorship of their club moderator Mrs. Therese Loanzon, launched the school’s official online paper during the first assembly of the second quarter. The online paper, called The XSN Spark, aims to “[shed] light on common issues, concerns, events, and ideas on the students’ minds through relevant content.”

Caitlin Bernal (8B) and James Clyde (10B) led the launching of the website and invited their fellow students to be content contributors. The website only has a few posts as of the moment, but The Spark club members are working to produce more content. They are also accepting contributions through their website’s contact page or through email at thexsnspark@gmail.com.

Congratulations to Mrs. Loanzon and her team on the launch of the school’s official online paper!

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