Legacy – the 2017 Pep Rally

by Joseph Tang (12G)
All photos by Justin Matthew Hou

Deafening cries and resounding cheers shook the High School gym as the entire Xavier High School gathered to celebrate the annual pep rally held last August 25, 2017. Hosted by Luis Lokin (12B) and Zander Sy (8A) along with guest host, celebrity model and actress, Phoemela Baranda, the Blue and Gold Committee saw it fit to pay homage, not only to the present athletic teams, but also to academic varsities, distinguished alumni, and all those who bring pride and glory to Xavier.

This year’s pep rally, entitled “Legacy,” gave each varsity team a spotlight. From Xavier’s Tennis team to Xavier’s many Basketball teams, they each paraded into the venue, showcasing their respective sports through short skits. Following their assembly, all the athletes prepared a dance number with Dance X amidst cheers from the Xaverian crowd.

Soon after, the annual batch cheering competition began. Each batch was assigned to a Xavier cheer and the batch, when called, would yell “Blue and Gold, Xavier let’s go,” “Guangqi Bisheng,” “Laban Xavier,” or “Go, Xavier Go!” While the entire gym echoed with loud cheers and roaring excitement, this year’s winners, Grades 10 and 12, stood out and won themselves a casual day pass.

When the cheering competition ended, Chris Tiu (‘03), a Xaverian Alumni who plays for the Philippine Basketball Association, gave an inspiring speech recalling his own legacy. He began by recounting his journey to becoming a professional athlete, from the first moment he was invited to join the Xavier basketball team to the many, many setbacks he faced in college basketball. It was through persevering through numerous failures, he said, that he was able to realize his dreams and become the athlete he is today.

In what was a testament to Xavier’s own legacy of excellence, the athletes then took their oath of sportsmanship, with the promise of doing their best in carrying the name of Xavier School. Alongside their pledge, the students also took an oath to support their fellow athletes in their endeavors. This tradition of boundless support was cemented as Chris Tiu passed both the symbolic literal torch to Nico Anonas (12E) and Jedrick Lim (11D), representative of the expectations they would have to carry for the rest of their athletic career. Together they lit a brazier with the hopes that all students would be able to let their light shine as brightly as possible in their field of choice.

The event soon came to a close with the school president, Fr. Aristotle Dy, S.J. delivering a motivational speech to the athletes while commending the student council for the successful event.

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