Pep Rally 2017: Wong Pride Wong Glory

By Nicholas Ong (10F)

This is a student-response to the Pep Rally basketball exhibition game this school year.

Last Friday, 25 August 2017, Xavier School held its annual pep rally where the students and teachers got to watch performances, cheer for the athletes, and watch live exhibition matches. While the entire pep rally was memorable, one of the most unforgettable things about it was the basketball game. The Xavier basketball varsity team competed against the alumni team and some of the faculty members. The latter included teachers from Math, Social Science, and CLE Departments.

The most notable player among the faculty was Mr. Wong, a CLE teacher in his first year of teaching in Xavier. Mr. Wong’s performance in the exhibition match was stunning, with him garnering 38 points for his team. Despite the final score being 73-75 in the varsity team’s favor, the spectators of the match were impressed and felt nothing short of starstruck with Mr. Wong’s performance, from his simple lay-ups to his clutch three-pointers. Every time Mr. Wong would make a shot, the crowd would go wild. These events have sparked a trend among Xaverians on social media platforms. Xaverians are using the hashtag #WONGsanity, #WONGnation, and #WONGprideWONGglory to show their admiration towards Mr. Wong.

An interview with Mr. Wong reveals that he has had many experiences competing with other schools during his high school and college years in different leagues. Mr. Wong admits to feeling nervous during the pep-rally exhibition match; it was his first time to play with such a huge crowd, some being his own students. Despite this, he was able to score majority of the points for his team, and win the respect of the crowd. Mr. Wong was very modest in saying that he did not expect the game to turn out the way it did.

Hopefully, we can all learn something from Mr. Wong. His performance was an inspiring message to aspiring athletes, Xavier varsity members, and to the entire crowd. Asked for a final message, Mr. Wong of the CLE DEpartment says, “Never give up on your dreams. Dreams come true in ways we do not expect. It might not be the exact way how we dreamt of it but still it will be fulfilled in God’s time, and in God’s way.”

Luceat Lux, Mr. Wong!

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