HS Student Council launches Lingap Kapwa projects

The HS Student Council of Xavier School is proud to present this year’s Lingap Kapwa projects — a series of service-oriented batch projects which create avenues for student participation and empowerment. Each of the batch projects is targeted at distinct beneficiaries, with the goal of allowing students to foster initiative, and forge bonds. Seeing the larger communities at stake, a worthwhile cause arises for them to assume responsibility, and take action.

The success of these batch projects lies on the participation of the students. In line with this year’s thrust of “Building Character as One Xavier”, it is our aim to give opportunities to our fellow students for them to get involved in causes like this.

With that being said, we’d like to formally introduce our Lingap Kapwa projects in store for the high school students of Xavier School! To our fellow Xaverians, join YOUR BATCH PROJECT, and help YOUR BATCHMATES build ONE Character as ONE Xavier.

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