Appreciation Day messages from the GS & HS SC Presidents

GS SC Pres.

Teachers. I can consider teachers to be one of the most revolutionary people in this world. Teachers help us excel in our academic subjects but that’s not all, they also teach us the virtues of creativity and selflessness.

They are living proof of these 2 virtues.  Creativity comes alive every time they enter our classroom. They try to make their classes fun so that we can imagine we’re being taken to different places even though we’re just inside the classroom!

Selflessness because they give all their time and effort just to make us feel we are loved. We’re not alone whenever we’re struggling and having bad times. They’re just like our 2nd parents, advisers in life, and mentors. They always calm us down whenever we get mad or sad.

To show our appreciation, let’s take them on a memorable adventure on A-Day and even the rest of the school year!

Lance Mercado
GS SC President 2017-18

HS SC Pres.

As the calendar flips to the last weeks of September, we inch one step closer to ending the first half of this school year, capping it off with our annual semestral break. Sembreak over, one last stretch of Third Quarter finally ends the year, and we enter into Christmas break. Three months after, summer yet again ensues, officially ending S.Y. 2017 – 2018. For most of the students, it’s a summer filled with stress-free activity, whilst for the seniors, it’s time to say goodbye, and part ways with the school that brought them up since day one. Most notable feelings harnessed are those synonymous with joy, delight, satisfaction, as well as sentimentality, nostalgia, and grief. Whether you’re moving up a grade, or moving on to the next chapter, I think it’s safe to say that all Xaverians — despite being free of the homework and assessments — are going to miss the daily routine of Xavier School, and much more, the people who make it memorable  – the teachers.

Teachers played and continue to play many roles in our lives as Xaverians:

In Kindergarten and Preparatory levels, they served as our parents; besides teaching academics, instilling in us basic values and traits such as respect, kindness, honesty, as well as the 6Cs were equally as integral.

In our early years of Grade School, they played the role of our coach; their work was built upon constantly aiming to motivate, and inspire us students to mimic the energy and passion they had for their subject.

In High School, they played the role of our best friend; they would constantly free up their schedule during breaks and dismissal simply to meet with students, be it for academics, or merely just catching up with each other’s lives through kwentuhan sessions. Their talent in imparting knowledge with students is manifested in how they are able to offer not just academic guidance but also life guidance.

Yet, their multi-faceted lives don’t end there, for how can one forget the equal amount of time teachers put in order to fulfill their role as club or committee moderators, sacrificing hours after work simply for the sake of the students, and their ideas for the next big event or whatnot — occasionally, even staying overnight in school.

And behind all of this, they’re still able to live up (quite gracefully, if I may add) to our expectations of them as a teacher — putting in effort day in and day out to prepare the most interesting yet insightful presentations, finding interactive websites in order to make learning more enjoyable, and the like.

In more ways than one, teachers have become the living embodiment of our school motto “Luceat Lux”, or “Let Your Light Shine”. They let their light shine on a daily basis through being the best examples of who they are, in what they do — teaching, as well as building bonds with those they teach — only inspiring us to do the same. All the brilliant minds who’ve left Xavier to go on to prestigious colleges and live out superb lives in the fields of business and medicine, to name a few, can attribute most of their formation, and character to who raised, nurtured, and lectured them during their stay here, their teachers.

So on behalf of the entire student body, and all alumni who have been lucky enough to learn and be nurtured under your care, I would like to extend my warmest gratitude to all teachers in Xavier School, and in the rest of the country – both past and present. Thank you for “Letting Your Light Shine” in more ways than one. What you’ve done and continue to do for us cannot be measured by words, and we only hope that by each day, and by each moment, we make you proud.

Happy Appreciation Day, ‘chers!

Michael Terrence Tan Go
SC President 2017-18

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