Xavier Midgets E Football Team RIFA Cumulative Festival Champions

By Joseph Silva

The Xavier School born 2008 football team triumphed in the most prestigious and important football tournament of the year, the Rizal Football Association (RIFA) Cumulative Festival last Saturday, October 14 2017. 

Two years ago, heading into the final weekend of the same tournament, the boys were ranked number one as they were undefeated in 18 matches. They finished 4th that season. Last year, they improved to 2nd place in the same tournament.

This year, again entering the final of four weekends seeded number one and undefeated after 18 matches, they beat British School Manila and International School Manila in the quarterfinals and semi-finals, respectively.

Facing powerhouse Ateneo in the final, the game ended 0-0 in regulation. Xavier won on penalties 4-3 through the heroic efforts of goalkeeper Leon Prudente, Gr 4-C, who made two saves in the penalty kickoff.

The members of the team are:

CHU, Zachary G4A
CLAUDIO, Javier Roberto G4B
CUSTODIO, Juan Santiago G4F
GONZALES, DiegoJose Ignacio G3J
HOLLERO, Jose Imelberto G3D
LIM, Matthew Alvin G4C
LIM, Xander G4C
LU, Gavin G4D
PRUDENTE, Emmanuel Leon G4C
SANVICTORES, Benjamin Philip III G4D
SILVA, Sebastian G4A
TENGCO,  Marcio G4F
YU, Jayden Matthew G4C

The born-2008 Xavier school football team is led by Head Coach Ariel Montana and Assistant Coach Darwin Salvador. 

Congratulations to our boys and coaches!

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