XS San Juan: Invitation to Join the School Fair Bazaar




FEBRUARY 3 & 4, 2018

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Procedure for JOINING:


  1. Secure an application form from the Athletics Office c/o Ms. Jane Agcaoili, (Sports Center – Gate 4) and/or

Accounting Office c/o Ms. Minette Florentin (Admin Building – Gate 2) or contact 7230486 local 374/387 for more details. Application period is from 13 November 2017 to 26 January 2018.


Fill out the form properly and completely, and attach your detailed and specified items and price list. This will be used to compare items and goods with other concessionaires. Identical items with other concessionaires who submitted their application form earlier will be cancelled from your list. You may email your application form and list of items to marycagcaoili@xs.edu.ph and/or minettebflorentin@xs.edu.ph


  1. Booth fee is P4500 for two (2) days. This allows the concessionaires to use 2m x 2m space with provision for electricity and three (3) monobloc chairs. This also includes entrance tickets with ID for three (3) persons who will be manning the booth. Concessionaires are requested to provide their own table or tent.


  1. First-come, first-serve basis. You may pay the booth fee at the Accounting Office upon approval of the application form.



Form No:
Application No:


Name of Company/Concessionaire:
Company Address:
Telephone Nos: Fax No:


Contact Person/Representative:
Contact Nos.: Tel: Fax: Mobile:
E-mail Address:



Please attach a company profile (with name and contact number/s of contact person/s) and a detailed and specified list of merchandise (and their prices) which you are going to sell during the Fair Bazaar.


Selling of the following is not allowed:

  • food items (even gum or candy)
  • pirated products
  • toys/items that promote violence
  • toys/items that promote pornography
  • hair color, henna or permanent tattoo
  • products that can induce harm (e.g. pointed objects, party/snow spray, etc.) and,
  • pets





Note:   Only listed merchandise should be sold during the School Fair Bazaar. Items will be checked during the ingress of goods. Additional items are subject to the approval of the Fair Bazaar Committee.




Signature above Printed Name Date Submitted









Bazaar Chairperson Date


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One thought on “XS San Juan: Invitation to Join the School Fair Bazaar

  1. CJ Callos

    Thank you for letting us know about xshop. It was a knock out experience and yes at the same time you are able to help raise money for charity! Last weeks experience was a blast and the money raised are for the medications of the old priests. (If I heard that right from a line afar!) I talked to one of the organizers and sadly yes it was xshops last year. 🙁 I REALLY REALLY HOPE IT’S NOT FINAL YET! :(


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