Xaverians Shine at 2017 Mathematics Without Borders

by: Ms. Josephine B. Castillo (JHS Math)
Photo by: Chris Joel Ong (XS Media Team)

Last Jan. 6, 2018, two Xaverians were awarded at Makati Hope Christian School for bagging awards in the Mathematics Without Borders Tournament, an international competition that involves participants of different age groups from the 1st to 8th grades. This competition aims to highly promote the ancient science of Mathematics.

The competition is composed of four rounds, with the first three rounds being held in the students’ schools or in the city partner school. The duration of the competition is 60 minutes, and the most successful students are invited to participate in the final round which is called the Autumn Round.

Participants from Xavier School, San Juan made it to the Autumn Round held last Oct. 27, 2017 at St. Stephen’s High School. Amery Atinon of G8A won the Gold medal and Mikhail Borbe of G7I won the bronze medal in the competition finals. Xavier School congratulates Amery and Mikhail for bringing pride and glory to Xavier School. Luceat lux!

Amery Atinon receives his gold medal (photo provided by Ms. Aileen Atinon)

Mikhail Borbe showing off his bronze medal (photo provided by Ms. Steph Borbe)

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