Batch 1983 x Lingkod: Medical Mission 2017

By Luis Lokin III (G12B)
Photos by: Media Team (Mathew Dave Chan), Atom Von Monfero, and the Xavier Batch ’83 Foundation

Xavier is a lot more than simply an institution for education and learning. It goes beyond the simple roles and relationships existing within a typical community. Xavier is a family that prides itself in its deep interrelating ties with everyone within the family, but also the bonds they are able to develop and share with those who need it the most. It is no surprise then that every year, Xavier School’s very own Batch 1983 foundation hosts its annual medical mission with both Xavier Alumni and student volunteers coming together to take part in a meaningful experience that requires actual participation and experience to be able to do the mission any real justice

In this year’s installment of the Xavier School Batch ‘83 foundation medical mission, student and teacher volunteers along with various alumni gathered early in the morning of the 8th of October in Xavier School as they prepared to head out for the long journey to follow. The convoy consisted of a diverse set of people ranging from the young and old, students and teachers, whole families — all of these people came together for the greater goal of assisting the St. Francis Learning Center in Zambales. Student volunteers were able to interact with their alumni counterparts and build a meaningful relationship through service.  The program consisted of a free, all-around wellness check-up and distribution of free supplements. Students were able to assist all throughout as they would help in distributing, checking of vitals, and logistics. The program also featured the return of the well received interactive talent show hosted by the Batch ‘83 foundation entitled, “Aeta’s Got Talent II”. Locals were able to showcase a host of different talents through a varied lineup of performances including singing, dancing, and even an art contest.

The batch’s medical mission stands as a testament to both their Xaverian roots and education, as well as their utmost commitment to the service of others. The alumni act as great role models for young Xaverians as they are able to lead the way through action. Student volunteers who embarked on this journey with them were able to gain valuable insight and perspectives on the realities that exist outside the walls of Xavier, and the importance of our commitment to the service of others. The foundation will only look to improve on what was, an otherwise, very successful mission as they continue to lead the way and provide opportunities for us all, to let our light shine!

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