The Xaverian

In 2002, the Jesuits of Xavier School met to look for a way to express the school’s vision, mission, values and ideals. As a result of that meeting, the 6Cs were developed. One could say that the 6Cs spells out Xavier School’s vision statement. What do we mean by academic development? The student should have COMPETENCE, CULTURE, and COMPASSION. How about personal formation? Well, he/she should have CONSCIENCE, CHARACTER, and a sense of COMMUNITY.

The profile of the Xaverian, as detailed by the 6Cs, is described below.


The 6Cs has also been expressed for the 21st century, as discussed in the video below.

Note: The original vision statement began with “Men fully alive…”. However, since the opening of Xavier School Nuvali, a co-educational institution, the vision statement has been modified to “Persons fully alive…”.


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