What we stand for

We are a community committed to forming our students into

Xavier School’s mission is captured in the school motto.
“LUCEAT LUX! Let your light shine!”

Our mission is two-fold:

For our students: “To nurse the light”
Our primary mission is to form our students into our vision of the Xavier Graduate. God has entrusted our students to our care: We are called to recognize in each student the light within him–even if still only a flicker–to help each student recognize that light, and to make that light grow.

As a community: “To be a light”
A secondary, but equally important mission of ours, is to live and work as one Christian community in joy and in peace so that we may be a sign of God’s love and a source of hope in the world. God has entrusted us to one another as well, to be one community, to help in one another’s work and one another’s formation, and to be a witnessing community to the outside world.


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