Xavier at a Glance



School Colors

Blue and Gold


Luceat Lux (Latin for “Let your light shine”)


Persons fully alive,
endowed with a passion for justice,
and the skills for development.

Student Population

More than 4,000

Financial Aid

The Xavier School Educational and Trust Fund, Inc. (XSETF) was set up in 1966 to finance the scholarships of deserving students, on the principle that “No boy who is otherwise qualified, shall be deprived of a Xavier education solely for financial reasons.”


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Xavier School President

Xavier School Coat of Arms


School Mascot


School Song

Luceat Lux  by Dolores Avelino


Xavier School derives her name from St. Francis Xavier, the Jesuit missionary, co-founder of the Society of Jesus, and patron saint of missions, China, and of Xavier School. When Xavier School first opened in 1956, it was known as Kuang Chi School, named after Paul Hsu Kuang Chi (Xu Guangqi 徐光启), the Ming dynasty Minister of Rites who helped secure approval for Catholicism in China, and helped spread the faith. This name was carried over when the school transferred its operations to San Juan. The English name of the school was later changed to Xavier School in 1963, in view of closer integration to Philippine society, while maintaining the school’s Chinese name, 光启学校/光啓學校, which is still used by the school until today.

More Information

The school’s work, history, identity and may be found on the following books — Our Pride and Glory: Xavier School at 50, Luceat Lux: The Story of Xavier School, and The Xavier School Institutional Identity Book. More recent updates may be found in the Xavier School Annual Reports, which include XSETF’s Annual Reports. All these books are available from the Archives Office and the Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO).



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