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In 1976, the Golden Stallion was introduced as the school’s mascot.

The horse played a very vital role in history so that it has no equal. During the ancient times, the horse was a symbol of power and prestige. Its image was stamped upon man’s coinage, sculptured on his temples and even elevated to his Pantheon and worshipped as divine. At a time when gallantry was the ideal, ‘cheval’, i.e., the horse, provided its terminology – CHIVALRY. The horse was also the means used by Ignatius and Xavier in their conquests of the “Kingdom”. The modern horse is also known because of its capacity for adaptability to the uses of man.

Therefore, no mascot could be more appropriate than the horse and particularly the STALLION for Xavier School, since we aim to develop men who will make history in their own ways. Men who will create “a space for love to build what all men desire – a city of brothers”.

STALLION for Manliness, Power, Stamina, and Determination

GOLDEN for Warmth of Sunlight, Cheerful Spirit, Industry, Hope, Sympathy, Achievement, and Aspiration to Sanctity

In the school year 2002-2003, Hoofy, the official caricature of the Golden Stallion, was born. Hoofy was crafted by then student David Gonzales (‘05) and company.


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