School Song


Luceat Lux, the Xavier School School Song, was composed by Ms. Dolores Avelino.

Xavier School, our pride and glory!
To you, we pledge our loyalty,
Day after day, year after year
You’ve taught us to hold these things most dear —
Strength and purity of soul, mind and body
Self-sacrifice, the spirit of charity.

Gratefully, we sing your name to the sky
As we hold your torch on high.

Luceat, Luceat Lux!
Keep the light in your hearts always.
Luceat, Luceat Lux!
Make it grow brighter with each day
Walk without fear along life’s dark and stony road;
Give a helping hand to lighten someone’s load
Make your light brightly shine till the journey’s end;
Luceat, Luceat Lux!


Luceat Lux was translated to Filipino by Mr. Frederick Perez.

Xavier School, sa ‘yo’y papuri
Katapata’t pagbubunyi
Bawat araw, bawat saglit
Ang aral mo’y di iwawaglit
Tatag, kalinisan ng puso at diwa
Pagmamahal, pagtulong sa kapwa
May ngiti, ngalan mo ay sambit
Taas noong umaawit

Luceat, Luceat Lux
Alab mo sa ‘mi’y pagningasin
Luceat, Luceat Lux
Tanglaw mo sa puso’y magningning
May tapang at lakas sa landas ng buhay
Sa kapuspalad kamay ay ialay
Liwanag ay ilantad magpakailanman
Luceat, Luceat Lux!

Chinese / 中文

The Chinese version of Luceat Lux was performed by Fr. Peter Pojol, SJ ’85.



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