President’s Mission

Missioning Statement
Fr Antonio F Moreno, SJ
Provincial Superior
of the
Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus
Fr Aristotle C Dy’s Installation
President of Xavier School
03 August 2013

In the Formula of the Institute, the foundational document of the Society of Jesus, it states that our Order was established principally “to serve the Lord alone and the Church, his spouse….”  All apostolic instruments of the Society of Jesus, therefore, derive their reason for existence in the same spirit: “to serve of the Lord alone and the Church, his spouse.”

Drawing from the Formula of the Institute and in the name of the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus, I, therefore, mission you, Fr Aristotle Chan Dy SJ to lead and serve Xavier School.  Ensure that the goals of this school be aligned according to the general orientation of the Society of Jesus: “to serve the Lord alone and the Church, his spouse.”  Get your inspiration from the great missionary St Francis Xavier whose singular love for Christ and his Church led him to abandon his comfort zone and embark on a new mission, a new frontier where God was calling him. Ensure that the school’s passion for excellence will not compromise the sense of humility of our students; that its desire to promote quality education will not the diminish the love of preference for the poor, the forgotten and the excluded; and that the learning of secular fields of interest may not compartmentalize the students’ understanding and practice of faith.

I further mission you to promote the Catholic identity and mission of the school in the context of the Chinese – Filipino character of your academic community. As a Catholic institution of learning, Xavier School is an extension of the teaching function of the Church.  Ensure that the academic community may always desire to pursue the truth of our faith and the practice of justice and solidarity with the marginalized; that there be sacred times and spaces for Christian worship, religious experience and faith education; that the inculturation of faith in our Chinese – Filipino context be cultivated vigorously and sustained.

With the grace from God, I am confident that you will be able to undertake the mission entrusted to you.  No real leadership is ever a result of one person alone.  In this, I thank our lay partners, parents, guardians, students, alumni, benefactors and friends for their support and affection for the school, all these years and hopefully more during Fr Ari’s leadership.  I thank so much Fr Johnny Go SJ for his 12 years of very competent, caring and engaging leadership, that’s at least 20% of XS’s 57 years.  Under his watch, Xavier School grew exponentially in physical infrastructure, in quality and innovative education and in strengthening Catholic identity and character.

Through the intercession of our Blessed Mother and her protection, and the inspiration of St Francis Xavier and that of St Ignatius of Loyola, Xavier School will go forward led by the Spirit reaching out to new peripheries.



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