Xavier-Kuangchi Award for Exemplary Alumni

Xavier-Kuangchi Award for Exemplary Alumni

The Xavier-Kuangchi Award recognizes alumni who have excelled in their respective fields, and moreover, have used their talents and resources in the service of society thus embodying to an outstanding degree the Xavier ideal of being “men for others”.

  1. To inspire the Community with shining examples of alumni who exemplify the Xavier ideal, witnessing through service and leadership.
  2. To focus public attention on the Xaverian as an active member of society and meaningful contributor to social development.
Awards Criteria

The exemplary alumnus has lived his life grounded on the three cornerstones of the Xavier ideal, manifested through the six C’s that describe the ideal Xaverian. He must manifest at least one of these three attributes to such an outstanding extent as to have made a meaningful impact on the community or society; and he should not be deficient in the other two attributes.

  • “Men fully alive” — imbued with the truly human and universal virtues of love, mutual respect and harmony with all. He is ruled by a well-informed conscience. He strives to keep close contact with God and to seek God’s will in his life. (CONSCIENCE)

He appreciates his God-given gifts and, at the same time, he is conscious of his weaknesses, even as he tries to improve himself in every way that he can. (CHARACTER)

  • “Endowed with a passion for justice” — has devoted his life to or is actively involved in humanitarian work or other selfless endeavors for the service of society.

He interacts with people from different levels of society and works with them in a peaceful and effective manner. (COMMUNITY)

He strives to be a neighbor, especially to those most needy and marginalized in imitation of Christ’s compassionate option for the poor. He tries to live a life of SIMPLICITY to be in solidarity with the poor. Most of all, he works for justice i.e., towards eliminating unjust social structures. (COMPASSION)

  • “and the skills for development” — has fully actualized his potentials and continues to excel in his field.

He has a track record of excellence in his chosen field of endeavor. (COMPETENCE)

He embraces his unique identity and has exploited the various cultural influences in his life to expand his horizons. (CULTURE)

  1. The nominee must be an alumnus of Xavier School, i.e., graduated from grade school or high school, or both, as attested by the Registrar’s Office.
  2. He may be alive or deceased, living in the Philippines or abroad and may or may not be a Filipino citizen.
  3. Any alumnus previously honored by the school may still qualify.
  4. The nominee must have graduated at least 20 years at the time of nomination. For 2017, this means those who graduated in 1997 or earlier.
Selection Process
  1. Nominations may be made by any member of the Xavier Community (alumni, parents, faculty and staff) or friends or civic leaders through any member of the Community.
  2. Nominations must be in the prescribed form and including all required documents and attachments.
  3. A screening committee appointed by the school’s Board of Trustees will vet all nominations to verify eligibility and documentary requirements and to make a recommendation to the Board.
  4. The decision of the Board is final.
Nomination Rules
  1. The official nomination form should be filled out in English (available from the Development and Alumni Relations Office or downloadable from the website).
  2. It should be accompanied by two 2×2 colored photos (current) of the nominee with his name printed at the back.
  3. A one-page Executive Summary may be attached, outlining important facts and achievements that support the criteria.
  4. Any accompanying statements or endorsement letters from recognized leaders in the community may be attached if they add more weight to the proofs presented.
  5. Completed forms should be submitted to Xavier School Development and Alumni Relations
Deadline for 2018 Nomination
Availability of nomination forms September 2017                 
Cut-off date for nominations 4 December 2017               
Screening & Validation December 2017                   
Review & Selection January – February 2018   
Notification/Announcement March 2018                         
Awarding Ceremonies July 2018                           

Nominate ONLINE or DOWNLOAD the application form here.



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