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The Philippines is no stranger to yearly calamities, that’s why it is good to plan ahead. We don’t only prepare to minimize injury and the destruction of property, we also prepare to help those who will need our help. That’s why we have set up a Disaster Relief fund to ensure that we will have enough resources to give to those who need it the most. All proceeds for this donation will go to our Disaster Relief Fund to prepare us for the various calamities that we will face.

Disaster Relief projects are (for the most part) initiated and organized by the HS Student Council in coordination with the HS Student Activities Program Office (HS SAP), CMSO, and the President’s Office.

Here are some Disaster Relief efforts conducted from 2012-2014:

Xavier Sulong
A Relief Goods Operation/Project of
Xavier School for Flood Victims of Typhoon Maring
AUGUST 23-27, 2012

A Relief Goods Operation/Project of
Xavier School for Victims of Typhoon Yolanda
NOVEMBER 12-20, 2013

A Relief Goods Operation/Project of
Xavier School for Victims of Typhoon Mario
SEPTEMBER 22-23, 2014

During the Yolanda relief operation, an estimated amount of 5,800 food bags were packed and delivered to numerous relief organizations, namely: DSWD Chapel Road, DSWD Villamor Air Base, DSWD Ninoy Aquino Stadium, Simbahan Lingkod ng Bayan, Camp Aguinaldo, Caritas Manila and San Carlos Seminary, ABS-CBN, GMA, Operation Tulong Bayan-Cubao, Red Cross-QC, JCI Phil-Oplan Kaagapay (San Juan), and the Villamor Air Base Soup Kitchen.

You, too, can help those who were affected by calamities by donating via our Online Donation Page. Click on the gift button below to go to the online donation form.




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