Faculty Development



The education field is now becoming more globally competitive than ever. Because of this, our faculty has to keep up with international trends to become globally competitive. Xavier School seeks to educate our students to the best of our abilities and resources. For this, we need excellent teachers. However, it is not enough to simply get excellent teachers. It is important to improve our teachers further, to educate them to become masters in their field of expertise.


Part of the donations we receive (either directly from donors or through our Online Donations page) go to faculty development, where we take a two-pronged approach: career/academic development and spiritual development. We encourage teachers to further their education, and this we do by sending them abroad to learn more via studies and workshops in their field of expertise. Xavier School, being a Jesuit Catholic school, puts a premium in giving Ignatian formation to our teachers so we have created a formation program that would address their spiritual needs so they can also develop their spiritual relationship with God and with their co-teachers.

Xavier China Experience

The world is seeing more and more children who travel far and wide, exposing them to a fast-paced globalized world. For our teachers to understand our students better, they have to understand the Filipino-Chinese culture as well. This is part of the reason why the Xavier China Experience program exists. We not only seek to immerse Xavier students in Chinese culture but also our faculty. In this way, teachers will know the context in which Chinese-Filipino students think, and they will be better equipped to deal with students.

The Xavier China Experience is not only a kind of cultural education but academic and spiritual as well. Letting our teachers travel to China along with our students gives them a chance to learn more about their field of expertise and their spirituality in a different perspective. Right now, we can only send 10-15% of our teachers to China and we would like to send more.

Faculty development gives our teachers a unique and priceless education and we’d like our teachers to bring what they learned to the classrooms of Xavier School.




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