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Operating since 1994 as a technical high school for the poor, ERDA Tech has been faithful in its mission of educating and training less fortunate Filipino youth for the past 20 years. Its objective then, as now, is to produce high school graduates for immediate employment as skilled workers. With the advent of DepEd’s K to 12 basic education program, ERDA Tech has decided to focus on poor but deserving Senior High School students beginning school year 2016-2017 interested in pursuing the Technical-Vocational track. The school aims to prepare them to qualify, upon graduation, for immediate employment as skilled workers equipped with the desired competencies and work values. Industry partners get first crack at hiring them, and are also assured of a steady supply of quality-trained, skilled young workers, ready to join the company’s workforce.

ERDA Tech is now one of ten schools reporting to the Jesuit Basic Education Commission. It is also in transition to becoming the first Jesuit Technical-Vocational Senior High School in the Philippines. In addition, ERDA Tech has been renamed the Fr. Pierre Tritz Institute-ERDA Tech, in honor of the school’s founder on the occasion of his 100th birthday in September 2014.

Running technical-vocational courses comes with a high price tag. To make sure that students become competent and marketable, the school must make available equipment and facilities that meet industry standards.


Without a doubt it will be a hard task and a great feat to achieve. But, with the generosity of those who can afford it, ERDA Tech can make this happen. ERDA Tech can give them the future they deserve and the strength as well as the opportunity they need to chase after it.

Xavier School’s various stakeholders have been supporting ERDA Tech by way of fundraising for scholarships and facilities improvement, securing industry partners for in-plant training of ERDA Tech students, organizing service immersion of Xavier School students and alumni at ERDA Tech, among other activities. And with our Online Donation page, helping these students attain a brighter tomorrow has become easier.

For more information on FPTI-ERDA Tech, visit us at Certeza cor. Lorenzo dela Paz sts, Pandacan, Manila or through our website at

Contact us via our telephone number (632) 564-1774 or e-mail us at or


> Scholarship per student (tuition and technical training): Php 52,500.00/year

> Scholarship per student (tuition only): Php 32,500.00/year

> Technical Training Fee per student: Php 20,000.00/year

> Meal assistance per student: Php 8,000.00/year

> Student On-the-Job Training Partnership and Equipment Donation in any of the following trades: Automotive Servicing, Electrical Installation & Maintenance, Machining, Food Trades (F&B Servicing, Cooking & Baking)





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