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One of Xavier School’s thrusts has been the constant improvement of the school’s IT capacity through upgrades in infrastructure, availability of new and up-to-date devices and applications/software to enable various innovations in teaching and learning.


These efforts range from the purchase of access points to enable wifi across the school, servers to handle various school systems, computer labs, laptop and tablet carts (two iPad carts were added this 2015), to the acquisition of various Apps that allow for engaging and interactive learning experiences.


This school year, the Atlas Rubicon was launched. It is an online curriculum planning system where all teachers enter their unit plans, where department chair persons can review and approve them, and where evaluations for the sessions are entered. The system also includes the subject area goals across all year levels. This ensures alignment across curriculums, and would eventually help us in analyzing our XS curriculum by understanding which subject area action goals have been hit, when, in what way, and by which department.


As the school continues to invest in better technology, it also recognizes that this goes hand in hand with updating professional development. In this light, in-service technology training seminars and workshops both here and abroad are participated in by its faculty and staff. These equip them with the skills to make the most out of this technology-enhanced learning environment and to further reach out to their students through various forms of new media.

Last 2014, the first annual FIT Conference was held and the next one will be on April 17-18, 2015. FIT is a way for the Xavier Community to contribute to the greater education community in the Philippines and in South East Asia (since there were some delagates from Indonesia last year). It provides a venue for educators to collaborate and to ask questions that will hopefully encourage innovations in schools and in the teaching profession.

Through these initiatives, Xavier School hopes to continue to equip both its students and teachers with tools for better teaching and learning in the 21st century classroom.





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