XSPA-Kythe Volunteers

Kythe and XSPA (Xavier School Parent’s Auxiliary) present Thank God It’s Thursday.

In 2001, Xavier School started its partnership with Kythe Foundation. It was Fr. Johnny Go’s vision to bring Xavier parents closer to Our Lord and His work by igniting their spirits through community involvement.

Through this collaboration with Kythe, a group of parent volunteers visit the National Children’s Hospital once a week. Driven with the aim of sharing their blessings of time and energy to those who understand its value too well, the parents make it a point to make their visits worth remembering through various activities and celebrations that not only leave the children at a state of happiness and grace, but garner the same effect on them as well.

The XSPA-Kythe volunteers visit the patients living with chronic illness at National Children’s Hospital every Thursday morning from 9 to 12 noon. If you wish to help make the hospital a happy place for the patients, contact XSPA office at 723-0481 Local 234. Visit http://xvr.in/jAb or an article on the partnership, and the Kythe Foundation website at http://www.kythe.org.


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