Short Term Overseas Programs

One of Xavier’s goals is to produce young men with a sense of global citizenship –  aware of their place in the global community and aware of what they can contribute to the rest of the world. In order to help achieve this goal, the school offers different international programs for Xavier students. These programs all aim to give the students an opportunity to develop a concern for global needs and causes, to examine global issues, to develop insights about their national and personal identity, and to, ultimately, be young men for and with others regardless of race and nationality.

For more information about the different programs, please email Mr. John Michael C. Cuepo, International Programs Coordinator, at or call 723-0481 local 434.

XSI Cambodia

Make your sembreak exciting and meaningful! Join the first XSI Cambodia trip that will run tentatively from October 31 to Nov 7, 2017. Slots are open to all interested Junior and Senior HS Students (G7-G12). Spread the word! Reserve your slot now!

XSI Central Java

Offered in partnership with Maria Regina School in Semarang, Indonesia, the XSI Central Java program aims to immerse the students in the rich culture of Indonesia, to allow the students to appreciate the natural wonders in the country and to give the students an opportunity to examine the value of these natural wonders to the country and its people. Students will be learning about the different aspects of Indonesian culture by visiting different sites including the enchanting 9th century Borobudur temple and the famous region of Bali.

Beijing Chinese Enrichment Program

Beijing Chinese Enrichment Program for Grades 7-10


The Chinese Summer Enrichment Program is a month long program in April aimed at helping the students strengthen their foundational skills in Chinese as they are immersed in the city of Beijing. Students who will participate in the program will undergo Chinese language classes offered by the Beijing Language and Culture College. The program also features a trip to the municipality of Tianjin and key places in Beijing. Please note that participation in this trip is NOT a fulfillment of the XCE Graduation Requirement.

Beijing Chinese Enrichment (for current Grades 7-10 students) 28 days Program Fee: US$ 2,000 Non-refundable application fee: Php 10,000

XSI Japan

Xavier School has decided to offer a trip to Japan in an effort to allow the students to experience the culture and the people that Francis Xavier experienced in the land of the rising sun. The participants will be doing a pilgrimage to the different sites in Nagasaki, Yamaguchi and Fukuoka that are important to the story of Catholicism in the country. Also infused in the program are cultural sites to give the participants a balanced experience of Japan.

TLE Singapore

For eight years now, Xavier has been in partnership with a Singaporean company, The Little Entrepreneur, in offering the Singapore program. The program is primarily about environmental sustainability, innovation. Students will visit sites that are not usually part of a tourist visit to Singapore. Instead, they will visit reservoirs, natural reserves, start-up incubators and other areas that would allow them to see how innovative ideas have transformed Singapore into a sustainable country.

AFS Receiving Program

AFS Receiving Program

While the other international programs send students abroad to be immersed in another culture and in another society, the school saw another opportunity to build on our efforts to develop the community into a more global community – the AFS Receiving Program.

The AFS (previously the American Field Services) provides opportunities for student exchanges all around the globe. Every year for the four years, Xavier School has accepted students from Chile and France to experience being Xaverians for 4-5 months. During their time in Manila, they attend classes, interact with the Xaverians, and participate in different school activities. While being hosts and ambassadors of the Philippines and our culture, the program also affords the community an opportunity to be aware of the similarities and differences between our culture and the culture of the exchange student.


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