XS Radio FM

Welcome to XS Radio FM, playing only the best content from Xavier School!

Soft-launched on the 508th birth anniversary of St Francis Xavier, this project is currently on beta test. We value your feedback and appreciate if you are able to provide some. For now, enjoy listening!

You can choose to tune-in using iTunes, VLC, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, WinAmp, or RealPlayer as well! Click here to access the stream.

Further, you can tune-in to XS Radio FM natively on iTunes and TuneIn. Using TuneIn, you can now listen to XS Radio FM on your mobile device, on any connected appliance, and in your car!



Please note that this beta test has limited listening slots. We are working towards providing unlimited slots in the near future. Further, we will also be deploying native access for mobile devices.

Current programming is as follows: Jesuit music to start the morning, Covers and Originals by Xaverians and the larger XS Community throughout the day, Examen as the day ends, XS Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and Mixes in the evening. Chinese music will be made available Sunday mornings. All are set on Philippine Standard Time, available 24 hours, 7 days a week!

For submissions and requests, please tweet @XSRadioFM, send a message to our Facebook page.


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